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Hugo Trippaers

Schuberg Philis
Mission Critical Engineer
Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands
The power of open source communities lies in the willingness to share knowledge: when people with different backgrounds work together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

As a mission critical engineer I have been working for Schuberg Philis for the past seven years. My main focus is the Apache CloudStack-project, where I am one of the members of the Project Management Committee. In this project I get to combine the two specializations that have been my passion for the past two decades: software engineering and system engineering.

I have been involved in open source communities for a number of Radius implementations, the Gnome-project and even the Linux kernel on occasion. Currently, I am participating in open source projects like Jenkins, Jclouds and Opendaylight. My most recent public presentations have been at several CloudStack build-a-cloud-days, the CloudStack collaboration conferences in 2012 and 2013 and several speaking engagements at various open source conferences in Europe.

I've been giving presentations at both community events and company events for some time now and it is my conviction that sharing knowledge is the driving factor behind successful projects. I find it inspiring to come together with a group of likeminded people to find solutions to complex problems. I strive to bridge the gaps between software engineering and system engineering and to create circumstances in which both fields complement and strengthen each other.