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Cordova [clear filter]
Monday, April 7

10:55am PDT

Intro to Cordova & Cordova CLI workflow
Cordova is a framework that allows developers to build mobile apps using web technology. It supports all of the major mobile platforms including android, iOS and windows phone. In this presentation, Steve Gill will review what cordova is, discuss its history and current state, and then will do a hello world demo using the cordova CLI. If you are interested in learning how to get started with Cordova, this is a talk you can't miss!

avatar for Steve Gill

Steve Gill

I've been apart of the PhoneGap team before it was donated to Apache and became Cordova. 4 years now. I currently work at Adobe. I've spoken about Cordova at many conferences and meetups. I have helped put together many community events/meetups. I do most of Cordova's releases. I... Read More →

Monday April 7, 2014 10:55am - 11:45am PDT
Lawrence B

11:55am PDT

Connecting Arduino and Phones with Bluetooth and Cordova
The internet of things is everywhere, but how do you interact with devices? Don Coleman will walk you through using Apache Cordova to communicate with Arduino over Bluetooth.  The presentation will focus on using Apache Cordova with iOS and Android.  Don will demonstrate how to write Cordova applications that receive data from devices and others that control devices over Bluetooth.  Don will also cover the difference between Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy

avatar for Don Coleman

Don Coleman

Director of Consulting, Chariot Solutions
Don Coleman is a software developer who enjoys hacking with Phones, Arduino and other hardware. Don is the co-author of "Beginning NFC: Near Field Communication with Arduino, Android, and PhoneGap" and is currently working on a book about Bluetooth Low Energy.

Monday April 7, 2014 11:55am - 12:45pm PDT
Lawrence B

2:00pm PDT

The Cordova Development Lifecycle
The Cordova project is made up of over 50 git repositories. Its developers manage the project with the help of JIRA, MoinMoin, ReviewBoard, and GitHub. To communicate, developers use a mailing-list, IRC, and Google Hangouts on Air. Releases are mainly distributed via NPM, and plugins via an Cordova-specific NPM-based registry. In this presentation, Andrew Grieve will give an overview of all the components of Cordova that are relevant to committers. He'll address what they are for, how to use them, and how well they do their job. He will also cover how each component comes together when doing a release.

avatar for Andrew Grieve

Andrew Grieve

I'm a Googler working full-time on the Cordova project for the past two years. Come talk to me about Cordova, open web platform, Chrome for Android, webviews, whatever!

Monday April 7, 2014 2:00pm - 2:50pm PDT
Lawrence B

3:00pm PDT

Writing NFC applications with Apache Cordova
Many new phones come with Near Field Communication (NFC) hardware. Using Apache Cordova, it's easy to write mobile applications that control NFC hardware with JavaScript. Don Coleman will give a brief introduction to NFC, describe the Cordova NFC plugin, and demonstrate using NFC in Cordova applications.

avatar for Don Coleman

Don Coleman

Director of Consulting, Chariot Solutions
Don Coleman is a software developer who enjoys hacking with Phones, Arduino and other hardware. Don is the co-author of "Beginning NFC: Near Field Communication with Arduino, Android, and PhoneGap" and is currently working on a book about Bluetooth Low Energy.

Monday April 7, 2014 3:00pm - 3:50pm PDT
Lawrence B

4:00pm PDT

Developing Native Mobile Applications using JavaScript
Apache Cordova is a platform for building native mobile applications using common Web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Apache Cordova offers a set of APIs that allow the mobile application developers to access mobile native functions such as (Audio, Camera, File, Battery, Contacts …etc) using JavaScript. Although there are many JavaScript mobile application frameworks, jQuery mobile is one of the best mobile web application frameworks which allows the web developers to develop web applications that are mobile friendly. This session illustrates how to use Apache Cordova with the combination of jQuery mobile in order to develop a native Android hybrid application and deploy on a real Android device. The demo application (“Memo” application) utilizes mobile native functions (Audio and Camera) using pure JavaScript.

avatar for Hazem Saleh

Hazem Saleh

Advisory Software Engineer, IBM
Hazem Saleh has twelve years of experience in mobile and open source technologies. He is an Apache project management committee (PMC) member that spent more than eight years working for Apache open source software. Besides being the author of four technical books about web and mobile... Read More →

Monday April 7, 2014 4:00pm - 4:50pm PDT
Lawrence B

5:00pm PDT

Crowd Sourcing Translations -- A Look at How Apache Cordova's Documentation is Available in Multiple Languages
While code is a universal language there are some major advantages to having documentation translated into multiple languages.  Translation is often overlooked or a lower priority for open source projects.  However, because of the nature of open source and the ability for developers all over the world to dive in it is important to make a valiant effort when it comes to internationalization.  The Apache Cordova is leveraging crowd translation tools to reach a wider audience.  With the support of Crowdin, a translation and localization management platform, translators can login to the easy-to-use tooling and provide as much or as little translation assistance as they would like.  Lisa Seacat DeLuca will provide a hands-on presentation describing exactly how Apache Cordova translation is made possible.

avatar for Lisa DeLuca

Lisa DeLuca

Mobile Engineer & Master Inventor, IBM
I am an emerging mobile software engineer within IBM's Open Source and Standards Organization focused on mobile. I am also a committer on the Apache Cordova project. You can find out more about my background, projects, and experiences at my website here: www.lisaseacat.com. I have... Read More →

Monday April 7, 2014 5:00pm - 5:50pm PDT
Lawrence B
Tuesday, April 8

11:30am PDT

Developing Cordova Applications with Eclipse IDE
JBoss Tools, an open source Eclipse IDE, has recently added new features to ease the development of cross-platform mobile applications using Apache Cordova. This talk will explain the principles of building hybrid mobile applications and will demonstrate how the Eclipse based tooling can ease the task. As part of the talk, I will demonstrate a complete development cycle for a Cordova based mobile application. It will show creating a project, editing and then running on platform emulators without leaving Eclipse. Demo will also show the Cordova plug-in discovery and management features of the tools. I will then move on to show the convenience of using the new Cordova Simulator, that incorporates Ripple and live reload to test and debug mobile hybrid applications. Finally, I will talk about how to create the final package for a mobile application and submit it to an application store.


Gorkem Ercan

Red Hat
Gorkem Ercan has been working with diverse software technologies ranging from enterprise applications to building actual mobile phones. He has worked in the past with various technologies including but not limited to Java, C++, Qt, JavaScript and continues to do so. Gorkem Ercan... Read More →

Tuesday April 8, 2014 11:30am - 12:20pm PDT
Lawrence A